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RF Rocean 2.2.3

Server Info:EXP 250X
Drop 50X
Sell Rate 25X
Minning 50X
Animus 150X

NPC Costum:
*Cash Shop
*Pit Bos Scroll
*Intense armor
*Intense Weapon
*NPC Leon

Drop Costum:
*Young flem: EXP Recovery 100%
*ABA: GLI,Beam,Rian
*Stone Block Elan: Talic
*Great Kur: T4
(you need mining for got other tier&talic)
*ABB: Elem's 20%
*ABX: Armor intense 50&55
*Fang Splinter: Armor Intense 60
*RHS: Armor Intense 65
*Draco: Excelsiar C
*Naroom Crawler Captain: Upgrader Lucky Box (Medium & High)
*Calliana Archer: Upgrader Lucky Box (Small)

RF- Phoenyx BloodyWar

Info Server 2.2.3:
Exp: 600x
Skill/Force/PT: GM
Animus: 15000x
Quests 50/56: OFF
Item Quest: OFF
Sell Rate: 400kk (gli)
Buffs: 9999sec
Buffs de Classe: 4999sec
Elem: 25/20 e 25/25 Flem
Elemental DH PB Jetso (Sette)
Set Dragon 65 PB Flem (Sette)
Server BR
Client 2.2.3
Patch by:

RFArmagedom 2.2.3 Black Edition

Info Server:
Server BRRate:
XP: 1000x
Drop: 30x
Sell Rate: Pack de gli 900kk
Animus 1000x
Quest 50/56 : OFF
Lv Max 75

White MAU
White Isis
White Siege

Intense Weapons 35-75
Normal Weapons 35-65
Relic and Elvens NPC
Intense's Sep 35-65
Intense Shields 35-75
Regular Shields 35-65
Shields Mystics 35-55
T5 and Talic at HQ
Cash Shop Elan
Potions: Healing, attack, def. value, etc. ...

# HQ:
Young Flem: Perfect Elemental
# Sette Desert
PB Elemental center 24/24/20/20
Metal Elf Berserk : Upgrader Armor 75(Dragon)
# Ether
Callian Archer and atrocity: Armor 75 Didalos
# Elan
Draco Elan: Weapon PvP Lev 55
Metal Fly Hound: lv 45 Relic
# Elf Land
Metal Fly Hound: lv 45 Relic
Type-2 Mutant : Dagnu , Dagan , Dagon, DH and cover lv 80
Eldi Crochet Cover lv 74

How to hunting:
1-50 Udh pd tau kan 
50-57 Elan Kill Metal Fly Hound
57-60 OC Kill Kukra Or Narum
60-75 Elf Land Kill All Monster In Elf Land
Full Patch
Mini Patch
Patch Fix Wajib

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